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WordPress Web Design Made Personal

Websites are a lot like bicycles. They should be simple, beautiful, comfortable, and get you from point A to point B. Bicycles are also really versatile – you can add more gears, luggage racks, trailers, and seats for children. You can even add an electric motor if you need to go really fast. But beauty of the bicycle is always the same: it’s a perfect blend of people and technology. A bicycle is something that reflects who you are and that helps you get to know the world better. And that’s pretty much what your website should be doing.


I work exclusively with WordPress as a platform because it’s simple for you and your customers. It’s highly customizable and it just works. Your website should be simple and easy to use as well and I will help you brainstorm how we can use less text to yield more results.


The best websites are ones that lead you through an experience. You find the information you need, you are captivated by the images, and you find yourself wanting to take the next step. I believe that large images and videos help this experience and are key to a good website.


Not everyone is the same, and their website shouldn’t be either. I love to work individually with each client to brainstorm the right layout, look, and feel for their WordPress site. I love to find the right plugin or solution that can turn turn your website from good to great.

WordPress Web Services

It’s really hard to find a good balance in WordPress web design. There are so many different variables: appearance, usability, customization, search engines, and speed, among many others. We specialize in finding the perfect balance for you. We think that all the variables are important, but only if they are working together with all the other factors. The goal is to bring you more business and more awareness. So, we will do our best to help you move toward that objective in all areas.

Wordpress Web Design0%
WPML (Multilingual) Integration0%
Podcast Integration0%
Salesforce Integration0%
Ecommerce Setup0%

WordPress Web Design Portfolio

Here are a few examples of work I have completed recently.

WordPress Web Design Pricing

To get a basic idea of how much a website costs to make you can use our simple pricing calculator. This is to help you think through the elements of your website, the general flow, and to know more or less how much some options may cost. Please note that this is just an estimate for you and is not an official estimate. To get a more detailed quote, we will need to talk through your expectations and your project.

Basic Website (Simple Home Page Layout, Single Banner, About Page, Contact Page, Mobile Responsive)

Additional Design Elements (Parallax, Multiple Banner Images, Maps, Social Media Integrations, etc)

Additional Page - Portfolio (Page featuring your latest work and integration into home page featuring certain projects.)

Additional Page - Blog or Podcast (Creation of blog page and integration of latest posts or episodes into home page.)

Additional Page - Services (a basic page explaining services offered, pricing, programs, etc. May include links to other subpages.)

Additional Page - Store (Woocommerce integration and population of content and integration with theme)

Other Additional Subpages*

Multilingual Integration (Setup of WPML plugin and posting content in another language. Translations not included.)


Wordpress Design Pricing

*Price of individual pages can vary based on the complexity of each page. The prices listed are for a “normal” web page…whatever that means.

Get In Touch

Have a project you’d like to collaborate on together? Feel free to reach out and we will setup a time to talk, dream, and plan the ideal solution for you or your business.

Somewhere between the USA and Basque Country

(USA) +1 269 202 8884

(Spain / WhatsApp / iMessage) +34 634 89 13 87



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